Double Sided Tape

Double Sided Tissue Tapes

Double Sided Tissue Tapes give reasonable conformity to uneven surfaces whilst adding a degree of stretch resistance to foam products. Hand tearable for ease of application where speed of assembly is important. Two tissues are available. 12gsm and 19gsm – the 19gsm being a more economical material.

Double Sided Tape

Double Sided Filmic Tapes

Designed to provide strength and dimensional stability to weak foams and gaskets/die cuts. These tapes will help prevent stretch and may increase the tensile strength of a final construction. The film has the added benefit of providing a chemical barrier to plasticizer and oils etc, which over a period of time may affect the performance of the adhesive.

Fingerlift Tapes

Our finger lift tapes are essentially double sided tapes with a dry edge either side of the adhesive which enables the release liner to be removed quickly and with ease. Generally known as finger lift tape in the U.K it is not uncommon for this product to come under the description of either Dry Edge Tape or Extended Liner Tape overseas.

PAL offer an extensive range of finger lift tapes including transfer, film and tissue. Our Bag Seal tapes will also be produced in finger lift format.

Double Sided Tape

Perm Peel Tapes

Our Perm/Peel range of double sided tapes have either an acrylic or high tack hot melt adhesive coated on the one side and an acrylic peelable grade on the other.

Transfer Tapes

Transfer Tapes & ATG Range

Our transfer tapes are usually supplied in wide width log format and will generally be used in a lamination process in the construction of a self adhesive product, for example a foam tape.

Transfer Tapes

Our range of ATG Tapes offer a unique construction which ensures no ‘edge pick’ and a clean uniform break providing a cleaner and more accurate transfer tape. Designed for the print finishing, picture frame and blister pack industries.

Bag Seal & Box Closure Tape

Used predominantly in the polythene bag market our range of bag seal tapes are ideal for use on postal, bubble, textile and greeting card bags. Our permanent grades offer a secure seal and the peelable grade will be used in the production of resealable bags.

Our bag seal tapes are generally converted in either 1000 metre ‘pancake’ rolls or for more efficiency in spools where lengths of up to 15000 metres can be produced.

Transfer Tapes

A growth market for sealing boxes used for the Internet mail order packing industry. The volumes can be very high and typically customers are either large corrugated box manufacturers or sheet convertors

Always supplied in fingerlift format which can be supplied central or off-set to either side. Produced with a differential adhesive system for maximum performance on sealing the box flaps. This product is usually supplied in either long length rolls or in bobbin format

Glazing Range

We consider ourselves to be one of the market leaders when it comes to supplying adhesive products into the Glass & Glazing Industry.

With security glazing tapes which all conform to the British Standard Specification 7950, Georgian Bar Tapes, Glass Protection Pads & Spacer Bar tape – we are your first choice for adhesive products into the Glass & Glazing industry.

Transfer Tapes

Glass Protection Pads (or Transit Pads as they are also commonly known) are available in many different sizes and can be supplied in single rolls, jumbo rolls and also in sheet format.

Transfer Tapes

Our Georgian Bar Tapes are available in either 1mm or 2mm thicknesses and are slit to your requirements. Manufactured using a high density PE foam our Georgian Bar Tapes offer excellent UV resistance and shear strength.

Transfer Tapes

Spacer Bar Tape is a double sided filmic tape coated with acrylic adhesive. The tape is manufactured at just 3.5mm wide and is used to securely seal in the spacer bar during the construction of the sealed unit.

Breather Tapes

The essential clarity of Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheeting can only be retained if care is taken to exclude all dust particles, insects and moisture.

Contamination by dust and moisture will soon lead to the growth of unsightly algae and moulds. The best protection is the use of a quality breather tape which allows full ventilation of all sections and channels of the Polycarbonate Sheeting.

Many designs of polycarbonate sheeting are now available and more complex sections are being developed. However, FILTA-FLO will fit and fully ventilate all sizes and designs of sheets including those with very small internal sections.


Anti Hot Spot Tape

Anti Hot Spot Tape is a self adhesive white polyethylene foam tape which when applied over the Polytunnel hoops prolongs the life of the polythene cover by a considerable amount of time. The bonded film on the non-adhesive side of the tape allows the Polytunnel cover to glide over the frame preventing abrasion and snagging during the construction process of the tunnel.

Anti Hot Spot Tape is manufactured in 3mm or 4mm thickness and is generally converted to 9 metre roll lengths. A premium grade (RAS76155) was introduced into our range in May 2020. Please contact our sales team for further information.

Toffee Tape

Our high coatweight rubber resin tape (Toffee Tape) is a completely non-toxic adhesive tape which when applied in the correct position, with just a slight amount of pressure on to the release liner will result in an instant bond.

Toffee Tape can be manufactured in three adhesive thicknesses – 0.2mm, 0.4mm & 0.8mm.

Aluminium Foil Tapes

Our range of Aluminium Foil Tapes are designed for use in applications where electrical or thermal conductivity is required. Industries where our Aluminium Foil Tapes can be found include the insulation market, duct sealing, ventilation & air conditioning, underfloor heating and glass and glazing.

The various thicknesses and grades of base aluminium foil used in production of our aluminium foil tapes have all been tested and approved to BS476 Class O Flame Retardancy.

Foam Tapes

Foam Tapes

PAL produce an extensive range of both single and double sided foam tapes. These can be produced and supplied in many different thicknesses, formats and with different adhesive systems.

With in-house lamination facilities we can supply many different foam tapes where standard products in our range can be adhered to one or both sides of the foam.

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