COVID-19 Update

The safety and well being of all our employees during the COVID-19 pandemic is paramount and where possible our staff are following government guidelines and working from home.  Where this is not possible our production staff who have been producing vital healthcare products have been introducing additional measures to increase hygiene and safety standards.

PAL are playing a key role in keeping our key workers safe across the U.K.  Working with numerous companies around the country we have been supplying crucial adhesive parts used in the construction of disposable face shields.  We understand the importance of healthcare products during these difficult times and we will prioritise any requests that we receive.

New Lathe Slitter

Due to continued growth September has seen the arrival of a new Lathe Slitter which will give us greater flexibility with production leadtimes and help get the end product to the customer quicker !

PAL Aluminium Foil Tapes

Here at PAL we manufacture a range of aluminium foil tapes where we offer both hot melt and acrylic versions of each grade.

Our aluminium foil tapes are available in wide width format (up to a maximum 1200mm wide) and can be supplied in jumbo or log rolls or the material can be converted down into slit widths.

All of our foil tapes are linered but we also produce a self wound version which will often be used in the Heating & Ventilation, Glazing & Ducting industries for speed in application.  A reinforced aluminium foil tape is also available.

If you would like further details on any of our aluminium foil tapes then please get in touch with our sales office.

PAL Double Sided Banner Hemming Tape

In our range of adhesive tapes we produce two which are ideal for hemming vinyl banners.

Both are produced with a polyester carrier – our premium product RA8355 is coated with a high mass of solvent acrylic adhesive on both sides and it can often be recognised in the ‘banner hemming industry’ by it’s distinctive red filmic release liner. It offers excellent UV and plasticizer resistance and it will frequently be used in many other industries including the signage and construction industries due to its excellent bonding properties.

The other product which we offer as a banner hemming tape is our RA3055. This product is produced with a high coat weight of modified acrylic adhesive and with it being supplied on an amber paper release liner we offer it as a more economical product to the ‘industry recognised’ RA8355

Product data sheets can be found here – RA8355 and RA3055

PAL 8070 High Performance Double Sided Splicing Tape

In the PAL range of Double Sided Tapes we offer a very high coat weight solvent acrylic tissue tape which is frequently used for automatic flying splices.

At 140 microns thick, our product RA8070 is coated with a high coat weight of solvent acrylic adhesive and has a white PE coated release liner.

This product is also converted into both finger lift and ATG rolls as well as traditional log and slit rolls.


  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Excellent resistance to plastisizers
  • Long Ageing UV Resistance
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Conforms easily to flexible and textured surfaces
  • Excellent splicing properties

To download the technical data sheet for RA8070 please click here

We’re On The Up !

Due to rapid growth over the past few years it has become clear that further space is required to house both machinery and stock.  Mid August 2016 saw the start of the construction of our second mezzanine floor being erected at our manufacturing site at Darlaston Road.

This will no doubt cause a small amount of disruption due to shelving & storage space being disassembled whilst the construction takes place.  Once complete the new floor will house machinery, stock and raw materials which will free up space below where we will soon be taking delivery of another bobbin winder machine.


Double Sided Box Closure Tape

A growth market for sealing boxes used for the internet mail order packing industry. The volumes on this product can be very high and typically customers are large corrugated box manufacturers.

Also, our customers can be sheet converters who apply the tape in flat roll format on automatic applicators

Finished products include CD/DVD boxes, book wraps and other box styles

This product is often used in bobbin format for maximum length and efficiency

Always supplied in fingerlift format which can be supplied central or off-set to either side

Differential adhesive system for maximum performance on sealing the box flaps

PAL now manufacturing Transfer Fingerlift Tape

The current expansion operation at PAL has included the relocation to larger premises in mid 2014 where the introduction of new machinery has increased both the flexibility and capacity of our production facilities.

Transfer fingerlift tapes can be found in numerous industries including the production of business forms and continuous stationary.

Envelope manufacturers will often use transfer fingerlift tape as it offers a quick and effective way for customers to ‘peel and seal’ the envelope securely

Added to our range… Toffee Tape

Manufactured using a high tack grade of rubber resin adhesive PAL’s toffee tape has a multitude of applications.
Toffee tape is produced using a synthetic rubber adhesive. Due to its elastic properties the tape is very comformable and has an extremely high initial tack.
PAL’s toffee tape (RA2027) is a completely non-toxic adhesive tape and when applied in the correct position, just a slight amount of pressure onto the release liner will result in an instant bond.
Toffee Tape is produced in 0.4mm and 1.0mm thicknesses in various widths and roll lengths.

Toffee Tape Applications

Fixing signs, edgings and trims.
Joining of sheets and damp proof membranes.
Bonding aluminium & GRP roof skins in the commercial bodybuilding industry.
Adhering insulation to walls.
Fixing of floor materials (carpets/strips).
Temporary tarpaulin repair.