• ATG Tapes

ATG Tapes

May 25, 2023|

ATG Tapes In our range of ATG transfer tapes includes our branded EuRAtrans product. Constructed using a high tack hot melt adhesive system our [...]

PAL Fingerlift Tapes

March 15, 2023|

Here at PAL, we have both the flexibility and expertise to convert most products in our range into a finger lift tape. Predominantly produced [...]

Anti Hot Spot Tape

February 9, 2023|

Generally in life, when you are shopping around for an item it’s easy to distinguish why you would purchase ‘Product A’ over ‘Product B’.  [...]

  • Finger Lift Tapes

Finger Lift Tapes

February 8, 2023|

Whether your application requires tape to be bonded to paper, cardboard or a glossy laminate PAL will have a product in their range suitable. [...]

Award Winner

August 2, 2021|

As a company we are very proud that our Quality and Health & Safety Manager Mr Craig Edge is the first person to pick up [...]

We’re On The Up!

August 29, 2018|

Due to rapid growth over the past few years it has become clear that further space is required to house both machinery and stock.  Mid [...]

New Lathe Slitter

September 29, 2017|

Due to continued growth September has seen the arrival of a new Lathe Slitter which will give us greater flexibility with production lead times and [...]