In our range of adhesive tapes we produce two which are ideal for hemming vinyl banners.

Both are produced with a polyester carrier – our premium product RA8355 is coated with a high mass of solvent acrylic adhesive on both sides and it can often be recognised in the ‘banner hemming industry’ by it’s distinctive red filmic release liner. It offers excellent UV and plasticizer resistance and it will frequently be used in many other industries including the signage and construction industries due to its excellent bonding properties.

The other product which we offer as a banner hemming tape is our RA3055. This product is produced with a high coat weight of modified acrylic adhesive and with it being supplied on an amber paper release liner we offer it as a more economical product to the ‘industry recognised’ RA8355.

Product data sheets can be found here – RA8355 and RA3055.

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