Added to our range… Toffee Tape

Manufactured using a high tack grade of rubber resin adhesive PAL’s toffee tape has a multitude of applications.
Toffee tape is produced using a synthetic rubber adhesive. Due to its elastic properties the tape is very comformable and has an extremely high initial tack.
PAL’s toffee tape (RA2027) is a completely non-toxic adhesive tape and when applied in the correct position, just a slight amount of pressure onto the release liner will result in an instant bond.
Toffee Tape is produced in 0.4mm and 1.0mm thicknesses in various widths and roll lengths.

Toffee Tape Applications

Fixing signs, edgings and trims.
Joining of sheets and damp proof membranes.
Bonding aluminium & GRP roof skins in the commercial bodybuilding industry.
Adhering insulation to walls.
Fixing of floor materials (carpets/strips).
Temporary tarpaulin repair.